aside Valentine’s Day dilemma…What’s Taboo?

der Deutschen Sexleben or our thoughts of a Cockapoo?

Yesterday my girlfriend said she had to have a Cockapoo. As a cat person, I have to say a puppy Cockapoo is the cutest dog ever. Though I love meine Freundin, I know how extremely busy she is with her family and business, so I gently let her know that maybe it’s not such a good idea.
Hoping I hadn’t crushed my girlfriend’s dreams of owning a Cockapoo, I wondered how our German friends really take to getting advice? Or anybody as to that matter when it comes to a “love of your life” – dog. And as Valentine’s Day just arrived  – I’m not sure of many other things – like marital traditions, dating and the sex lives of Germans as a whole.
And goodness me – whether it is it appropriate to ask?
Is the subject strictly Taboo?


In Japan, I have heard that most married people’s sex lives taper off after they have kids. Then it drops off dramatically after 50. Maybe the norm? Married Americans from my own personal take seem to have a rather low libido, sex every week or so and always on the decline.

Our local Triumph Lingerie museum in Heubach, Germany

Here in Germany though, my expat friends and I are just beginning to learn the secrets of the natives. Currently we only have our husband’s input to fall back on. (and what do they really know!) Yes we can search the internet to find answers, but we want to hear it first hand so we can ask a lot of questions and maybe learn a few tricks..ha. Unfortunately though, in this department we have hit the Berlin wall. We have bared our souls and hinted at our (so called) steamy lives behind bedroom doors and have been only met with discreet smiles and nods, but no comments. As I hinted around to my totally hot girlfriend that works for a world renown lingerie manufacturer – there was not a peep about the going ons with her equally hot Deutscher Mann. And I know she gets serious deals on Damenunterwäsche.

Speaking of lingerie and not my mother’s shop  “JeTaime” in Paris, IL.
Lingerie shops in Germany are everywhere. I don’t think my favorite Hanes 100% cotton highwaisted panties exists this side of the Atlantic, only the special imports I have brought in and they’re starting to wear out – Scheiße!
My good friend with the underwear connection did give me a Gutschein (coupon) to her companies Outlet Store 50% off. The first time she offered me one I didn’t go. For me lingerie was for my wedding night, and that other hot night, that I errr won’t mention. (I’m writing with a smile). I did desperately need bras though and the time had come to shop, so I ventured in.

The store was filled with the most beautiful lingerie – of course nothing I would wear on a daily basis. Where were those big white undies?  Everything matched – bras to panties…so, so cute! They had cute floral prints, sporty neon brights, sophisticated blues, lotsa lace and even polka dots. Every style of bras you could imagine and most of them were pushups. What you didn’t see was a lot of the trashy type stuff that our American boys like. It was all sexy, hot, but for everyday wear. The clientage was equally as interesting. All ages of women were in the shop from pretty young german girls to slim middle aged women and then onto older still hot Oma types. (that’s grandma). There were also couples hemming and hawing as they browsed through the merchandise and even a few single men. Well, it seems to me that from this little schooltrip or Schulausflug there is more to the German sex life than we know.
Or at least I can say where there is lingerie there is…..

For me I found a bonanza, having a 38 B cup is not so common in Deutschland. The women here are hot, in shape and built like Barbie dolls. So when to my good fortune there was an entire table of big chested small cupped bras waiting for me at the price of 3.00 Euros – 50% off – I stocked up! I did feel a little embarrassed at the cash register though.

For the sex life of Germans, we are still in the dark and for my little outing I did also find one matchy matchy bra and panty set – that I have yet to wear. When it comes to der Deutschen Sexleben, we suspect were at the tip of the Eisberg and this topic definitely deserves to be continued… Ich liebe Dich!
the American Frau

© Ileana0107 | – Colorful Composition With Barbie Dolls Photo

Cochapoo: Curtesy of Pixabay released under Creative Commons CC0

Lingerie Museum, Lingerie storefront, © Sharon Ritter 2017

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