“Valentinstag” remorse…

After 14 years of marriage, a slight expanding mid section and bad knees, I have come to realise my days of high heels and short skirts are over, sorry Shania.

And this particular morning my 2 kilometer “back in shape walk” has just begun to dog me. That is after I finish yesterday’s raspberry filled Valentine’s Berliner (paczki) with a cup of Joe. Mornings in Deutschland may not be so bad after all.
Sometimes I feel old age settling in.

As example for last nights Valentines date with my husband, I purposely picked a not so fancy restaurant that was a quick 10 minute drive from our house so we would be back in time to watch TV.  I also didn’t mention that it was opening night for 50 Shades Darker (the only conversations about “grey” that night were – what to do about our hair) and I didn’t want to add to the excitement. You see my husband and I married late, had kids late and the only thing sizzling now is out steaks – which are quite good in Germany.


Valentine’s Day in Deutschland is pretty non-existent as I had to buy a Geburstag (birthday) card for my husband and write in Happy Valentine’s Tag. It’s always easy to find heart shaped chocolate so I was covered there and the local Bäckerei surprised me with plenty of heart shaped pastries. They wouldn’t let me take a photo, which I thought was rather KGBish of them or I should say BND that’s Bundesnachrichtendienst the German equivalent of the CIA. My German girlfriends didn’t celebrate the day. They said it wasn’t very common and probably more for the younger set.(sob) And I heard in Japan the women give the men Valentine cards and gifts. Something got mixed up there!

And as for Valentine’s day here, I did get a dozen beautiful roses (without babysbreath -the florist refused my husbands request to put them in…komish) and we had a wonderful dinner at the Goldener Hirsh, Brauerei-Gasthof und Biergarten. A truly authentic German restaurant dating back to 1725.

Goldener Hirsh, Brauerei-Gasthof und Biergarten


Meat salad – they eat a lot of this here.
Geschmorte Ochsenbacke in Trollingersoße – stewed ox cheek in red wine, interesting.
Valentine’s Menu

Roses and stewed ox cheek – this time I got the best of both countries.
Guten Morgen meine Lieben, the American Frau
Heres a link for you history buffs: http://www.goldener-hirsch-heubach.de/

Photos Sharon Ritter Copyright 2017

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